Entry #1

Pixel Pirate Studio Greetings

2014-03-07 08:40:08 by PXLPIR8

Greetings fellow animators, gamers and lover of the arts. I am excited to finally be able to join in on Newgrounds. I watch the animation all the time on here, but never got around to post anything. There are so many places to stay active with these days it's so hard to jump around. If few of you are familiar with my work, feel free to check out my youtube page HERE http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL336CE19FF09B9216

Most of this is my early work on Cartoon Network. I've also worked on the 1st season of Aqua Teen/ Harvey Birdman/ Squidbillies and a few short spots on Nickelodeon. I am currently the founder of my own small animation studio called Pixel Pirate. http://pixelpiratestudio.co/ we make indy cartoons and mobile game apps.

 I hope to be able to post more new stuff as it comes. I look forward to meeting you all.



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